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Mastering Facebook

Connect phone to facebook.
Upload photo to facebook by email.
online game on facebook.
Facebook 200th million user.
Facebook account disabled.
Facebook account unavailable.
Drupal facebook connect module
Hide your actions.

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Calculus Tutor

Online tutor is a good alternative for learning calculus and precalculus. You can purchase or just try the free online calculus help if you feel difficult to understand and catch up with your calculus class.

Twitter for Business

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Tips to use twitter for your businesss

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Mobil Terlaris 2009

Pameran otomotif terbesar tahun ini, Indonesia International Motor Show 2009 (IIMS 2009) sudah berakhir dan konon membukukan penjualan yang jauh melebihi target.

Tahun ini, Toyota Prius mulai dijual di pasar Indonesia. Mobil Hybrid (Hybrid Car) produksi Toyota yang dikagumi orang diseluruh dunia tersebut akhirnya masuk juga ke tanah air.

Sementara itu, Audi juga akan mengeluarkan Audi A4 2010, dan Nissan meluncurkan Grand Livina yang sangat diunggulkan sebagai mobil keluarga.

microblogging, Micro What?


Micro What? or even What Blogging?

Yes, Microblogging. It is another form of blogging. The term “Micro” emphasizes that it allows only a brief texts or short messages to be posted or broadcasted. Plurk, Twitter, Identica, Tumblelog, Jaiku, and Sideblog are now the top microblogging services.

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The Paypal Online Payment System

Paypal is currently very pupolar as an online payment system. The Paypal Online Payment can be used as substitution for the legacy electronic payment system like Online Debit or Credit Card.

Paypal is available for both personal and business use. You can create paypal account with a valid email address, and then with a Credit Card or Virtual Credic Card (VCC), you can verify that account and link it to your bank account.

You can add fund into your paypal from your credit card account, and you can withdraw money from your paypal account into your local bank account. Paypal is more secure that credit card since by using paypal, all you need for a transaction is your paypal id which is your email address, and your paypal password. This will prevent you of showing or providing your credit card information directly on the internet.

Preview video Sinetron Manohara

kabar ini mudah-mudahan tidak mengejutkan kalau Manohara Odelia Pinot ternyata bermain Sinetron Manohara?

Buat yang penasaran mau lihat seperti apa preview video Sinetron Manohara silahkan nonton video ini. Tentunya lebih menghibur daripada menonton acara debat calon presiden.